Due to the increase of customers’ demands for process lines stainless steel valves , Behtin Kavosh Novin started extensive review on the market , finally to meet suitable international standards in Iran , we established  providing different types of European stainless steel valves from  famous brands.

   In case of need for any further information Behtin Kavosh Novin experts are at your service . Please kindly be informed that most of these valves and spare  part are available on Behtin Kavosh Novin stock.

   Bardiani is an expert company in designing , manufacturing & distributing different types of stainless steel valves in Food and Dairy industries established in 1981 in Parma,Italy.

   Bardiani products are well-know as the most as the most famous stainless steel valves manufacturer inside or outside Italy in Food and Dairy Industries , all over the world.

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