Behtin Kavosh Novin

Presenting Commercial and engineering services special definitions nowdays. providing products with the beneficial services and the fastest cost effective method including knowledge transfer and modern technology.

Behtin Kavosh Novin Commercial & engineering Company with more than one decade experience & with deployment of trained & expert engineers tries to provide it’s customer’s needs according to the most appropriate methods which matches the conditions of our dear country  ” Iran “

Behtin Kavosh Novin field of activity and services “

• Providing , Manufacturing , Repairing and distributing of different types of mechanical seals for different type of pumps and agitators (internal or external ) and Homogenizers – being exclusive agent of Roten – MSG Germany in Iran for more than 10 years .

Roten – MSG Germany has been manufacturing Mechanical seal for pumps , agitators for more than 60 years.

•  Supplying , distributing and selling different types of Samson equipment including installation , repair, setting up and after-sale services .

• Providing and distributing various types of gaskets and plates of plate heat exchangers including after-sale services . 
Behtin Kavosh Novin is exclusive agent for Elastoforce (HGF) Sweden with more than 45 years of experience in manufacturing gaskets throughout the world  .

•  Designing and implementation of process line for Food-Beverage & Dairy industries 
Behtin Kavosh Novin is the exclusive agent of Bardiani company,Italy The manufacturer for process line valves in Europe 

•  Supplier of various types of lubricants such as : Oils – Grease for Process Machines

•  Different types of brazed or plate heat exchangers 

Our product are manufactured under satisfied with only ISO 9001 standard & due to continues improvement for our products , Behtin Kavosh Novin established to special quality control system to meet our customer’s needs.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact with our experts directly or visit our Website on : www.behtinkn.com 

It would be our great pleasure to be in contact with our dear customers in order to introduce our products and services completely via additional technical documents.

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